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If you found this website, you're likely an experienced cannabis enthusiast looking to expand your appreciation of marijuana. That, or you're ready to make a killer brownie. We aim to be your go-to resource for cooking with cannabis - whether that means whipping up the occasional treat or incorporating cannabis into your day-to-day diet. Here, you'll find all the information you need to know to successfully cook with marijuana. Use this as your guide as you explore your interests, our website, and most importantly your new culinary pursuits!

Amsterdam Inspired Belgium Waffles

We may not be from Belgium, but we know a bit about Belgium’s prized desert. They already are a pretty good snack, but they taste even better with weed in them. Estimated Time: 70 minutes Serves: 3 Ingredients: 1 egg yolk 2 ½ tbs white sugar 1 2/3 cups self-rising flour 1 cups room temperature […]


5 Cannabis recipes to try out for adventurous kitchen creatures

Did you always associate Cannabis with smoke? Why not surprise your taste buds into an intoxicating ride of entirely new flavors with Cannabis? For those who enjoy a twist in everything, including cooking, here’s presenting some superb yet easy cannabis recipes to satisfy your adventurous spirits. Apple Buds A simple yet exciting one, this recipe […]


Project Marijuana. Not just an everybody get high thing.

Project Marijuana is not just another smoke and everybody get high thing. Trip Ghetaway Films is doing a crowd funder for project marijuana on Indiegogo.com, a documentary film in Colorado since the end of marijuana prohibition. Many may say a marijuana documentary is nothing new, neither is the white T-shirt though. However you can always […]

glycerin cannabis tincture

How to make CannaGlycerine within a day

These days, many medical marijuana patients much rather consumer their medication by ingesting it than smoking it. That being said, I set out to find the most versatile way to do that, and I think I have. CannaGlycerin or medical marijuana glycerin tincture can be used in recipes ranging from hard candies to cookies, brownies, […]

chocolate chip cookies

Marijuana (Cannabis) Cookies

This cannabis (marijuana) recipe is known as “Mike’s Mom’s Massive Chocolate Chip Weed Cookies” For more great marijuana recipes, check out Stir Crazy: Cooking with Cannabis Estimated Time: 30 minutes Serves: 10-15 cannabis cookies Ingredients: 2 and 1/3 cups flour (make the 1/3 cup heaping) 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 6oz/175g of CannaButter […]