Cannabis Cooking Do’s and Don’ts

The following is a list of some of the things you should and shouldn’t do when you are cooking with marijuana. This list is by no means complete! Feel free to comment to add your own to the list!


  1. DO take your time! A rushed cannabis cooking extraction (for example, when making cannabutter) will be less effective and potent. A marijuana recipe, like any of our cannabis recipes, will come out better if you are patient. Rush it and you could ruin it!
  2. DON’T use excessive heat! The active compounds in cannabis will vaporize into the air if too much heat is used! When making cannabutter, weed ghee, or marijuana cooking oil, it should never boil! If you added water it is okay for the water to boil. However, if the oil is bubbling it is way too hot! For oil, it should be on the very edge of simmering. Try using a double boiler so you don’t singe the bottom of the pan.
  3. DO use good cannabis. Cannabis, even after strained from the extraction, can leave a taste. The quality and flavor of the marijuana may be noticeable in the food.
  4. DON’T eat too much too fast! Know the proper dosage you need to achieve the results you’re looking for before ingesting too much. Some people can tolerate much more cannabis food than others! Depending on your tolerance and metabolism, the pot food could take anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours to kick in fully! Try not to eat anything else or at least minimize what you eat for 2-3 hours before and after so you get the biggest bang for your buck. Eating your cannabis also makes your high last much longer then if you were smoking (again, this varies person to person), so plan accordingly. Make sure you experiment a bit and know how much to eat before doing anything important!
  5. DO know the herbs footprint! Meaning know where it came from. Is it organic? Were pesticides used? Marijuana, like any other produce item, can carry pathogens and dangerous chemicals. If you are cooking with the cannabis most pathogens will be destroyed, but the extraction will likely still contain pesticides and other nasty chemicals! For medical use especially, you should use pure, organic cannabis.
  6. DON’T cook with cannabis unless you have an idea about what you are doing! Ill informed experimentation can lead to wasting your hard earned stash! Read the information available on this website and the books it references!

Do you have another do or don’t? Add to the list by commenting!

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  • Zach December 22, 2013, 4:31 pm

    You can also cooked with weed that has been previously vaporized using the same receipes for non-vaporized weed. This gives you twice the bang for your marihuana buck.
    I reccommend the pot chocolate receipe on this website, short, easy and very tasty.

  • JFairey February 5, 2014, 11:29 pm

    I soak my herb in water for 20 minutes or so first, then I wring it well and add it to warming butter or ghee.
    This cleans it, and prevents it from getting burned. Thanks for this informative site, I think this is important stuff- and is so much better for you than smoking, smoking kills the really medicinal stuff. It get you high but does not alter your cells at such a profound level.

  • alexx August 6, 2014, 6:58 am

    I honestly don’t feel like this article gives enough information at all.


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