Cannabis Cooking Oil

Learn how to make a cannabis cooking oil (marijuana oil). Cannabis cooking oil is a mixture of extracted cannabinoids and a cooking oil. We recommend using extra virgin olive oil. You can cook with cannabis oil in any recipe that calls for oil.



  • 28oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1oz/28g of finely ground marijuana (or up to 1/4 LB commercial grade)

Hempy Oil uses peanut oil as its base which has a thicker consistency than olive oil and is used for making Hemp Hermits.

Making the Cannabis Oil:

  1. Pour oil into a large saucepan.
  2. Heat on a medium setting, and let it warm up.
  3. Do not let the oil boil! This is very important for making quality cannabis oil.
  4. Once the oil is hot, but not boiling, you may add the cannabis powder.
  5. Stir frequently, and watch for bubbles. If the oil begins to boil remove it from the heat.
  6. Continue for at least 1 hour, we suggest allowing the bud to soak in the hot oil for about 2 hours.

You can use cannabis oil in place of regular oil in any recipe! Or use on a fresh pot leaf salad! Using this method, 1oz of oil should contain the equivalent quantity of cannabinoids as 1 gram of marijuana. Use sparingly, and do not start with more than one ounce of this oil. You may eat more as needed.

For more about marijuana cooking oil and its uses see The Cannabis Cookbook: Over 35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, Munchies, and More

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  • Lynn February 7, 2013, 9:13 pm

    Any legal alternative to cannibus? I wish I could use it to help my mom.

  • Wesley Hayden February 22, 2013, 12:12 pm

    Great article!

    You could alternatively and equally as simply allow the Cannabis (in herbal form) to reside in a (dark brown/dark green glass) bottle of olive oil and allow the Cannabinoids to become leeched into the olive oil over a slightly longer period, and in doing so knowing that no air, heat or light can damage the cannabinoids or start a chain of oxidation processes, this would render the oil along with its active ingredients usable for a longer period of time, just remember to make a double batch so that when your first batch has been used your next batch is ready!

  • Poko March 31, 2013, 1:59 am

    Hi, I was wondering if you can get the cannabinoids without having to cook (Heat) the olive oil? – I mean; Shouldn’t be enough to just add the Marijuana to a small Olive Oil bottle and let it rest for a couple of weeks? — and then use it cutaneously for muscular pain or put a few drops into a salad. Is there any reason why cannabinoids wouldn’t be extracted if not heating the olive oil?

  • Up October 7, 2013, 4:45 pm

    Heat is a catalyst in this case. In other words, the time it takes for fats, such as oil, to absorb cannabinoids is inversely proportional to their temperature. Therefore, as heat goes up, the time necessary for the complete transfer of cannabinoids from plant to oil goes down. In conclusion, added heat is necessary for quicker extractions, but not inherently necessary to making cannabis edibles. One should actually heat the plant and oil together over a long time (2-3 days), around 212 degrees F, with intermittent cooling periods for best results.

  • sara June 4, 2013, 4:21 pm

    Hi, Am Sara, my mom was a cancer patient who has been suffering from lungs cancer for the past 5years until she met Dr. George who assisted her with hemp oil treatment that made the pain and the cancer become a thing of the past.

    I’m so happy that my mom can live a normal and painless life once again, thanks to my prof for giving me this email and to Dr George for accepting to attend to my mom and also for his quick response.

  • Didi April 22, 2014, 12:20 am

    Hi Sarah, in which State is this doctor George

  • AJ June 15, 2013, 8:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing this info! What a wealth of information and awesomeness! Seriously, it’s so nice not to have to try to pull semi-vague info from forums in order to achieve the wonderful health benefits of this herb. Well done! :)

  • cathy H. August 10, 2013, 2:39 am

    I found what I was looking for ,. hope it works.

  • Michael August 12, 2013, 5:45 pm

    (Suggestions?) I always take an 1/8 and grind it, then sprinkle it into 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and heat it on the stove. I generally cook it for 30 minutes, then let it sit in the fridge overnight before baking brownies. I tried higher heat levels before (near boiling) but was afraid of burning it. I now cook on a very low heat, as it’s tended to work well, but it’s SO hit and miss. Some batches come out with a slow release sensation and a very potent for hours, yet other times it’s like the brownie had nothing in it. I’m using the same ingredients each time, but the potency is not consistent. Any help? Thank you!

  • Chris September 1, 2013, 12:47 am

    It should look like it is burning when near boiling. You keep it just under boiling for about an hour and let it cool in the hot oil for about two hours. That works for me.

  • CE August 3, 2014, 10:38 pm

    @michael, you can use a tablespoon or so of lecithin to increase your bodies ability to metabolize the THC. The high will be more intense and not last as long.

  • slj1357 August 26, 2013, 2:21 pm

    Will cooking with the slow cooker on high instead of low botch the batch or make it stronger?

  • Up October 7, 2013, 4:50 pm

    Heat only speeds up the process and is not necessary to extract cannabinoids. However, there is a limit to how much heat the cannabinoids can tolerate before they are lost due to chemical changes. You want your product to stay below the 300 degrees Fahrenheit threshold. Going beyond that, such as in a crock pot on “High”, will decrease potency.

  • laurel October 5, 2013, 6:49 pm

    My mom is suffering from lung and matastized breast cancer, can anyone lead me in a direction on how to help her?

  • Karen November 24, 2013, 6:22 am

    Laurel marijuana could help your mother, as many other gifts from nature could, but it’s also very important for your mom to get rid of any artificial and anti-nature things from her life. this means food that isn’t organic (because it’s very dangerous and basically poison) and tap water, which should be purified to remove the fluoride most importantly, and other things, and getting alkaline water would be best. there’s tons of information all over about how to live a life as natural as can be in urban life. the things that are unnatural are the things that cause cancer. true nature is how to beat it, easily.

  • concerned December 17, 2013, 7:15 am

    Why do people insist on believing that just because something is natural that means its good for you. UV light is perfectly natural, but overexposure has potential to cause cancer. The smallest amount of cyanide would kill you before you could be saved; cyanide is in apple cores, apricot seeds, and peaches. Just switching to more “natural lifestyle” will not cure cancer. Cancer itself is a natural occurrence. Marijuana is not a cure for cancer. It is useful for relieving the pain and discomfort from cancer and the medical treatments.

  • kushfarmer November 14, 2013, 12:15 pm

    I got better strength out of my edibles by slow cooking for 5 hours at 195 degrees Fahrenheit using olive oil.

  • nancybaker December 8, 2013, 4:17 pm

    you can’t see oil boil. unless there is something in the oil cooking you can’t tell how hot it is without a thermometer. these are bad instructions for people who blindly follow directions.

  • Jman December 31, 2013, 7:31 pm

    Couldn’t you get the same, or better results if you bake it in an oven at 300 and frequently stir it?

  • Jadon November 20, 2014, 3:39 pm

    If you used 1/4 lb how much oil should be used? Thanks


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