Cooking Paraphernalia & Stonerware

Stonerware Brand Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter


Stonerware Brand Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter Makes Pot leaf Cookies.

Stonerware Brand Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter Makes Pot leaf Cookies. Tired of the same old cookie shapes? Round, Square, BORING! Use our potleaf cutter for those special batches of cookies or brownies and transform your tasty lil ‘treats with a groovy new look! Cause cookies taste better…baked!

Stonerware Pot Leaf Baking Pan


For tasty treats in the shape of a cannabis leaf!

Our baking pan makes six leaf-shaped goodies and is made from a flexible ‘high’ tech silicone that is oven safe up to 420 degrees! For tasty treats that are always baked and never burnt, make your next batch in the shape of its content!
This awesome kitchen paraphernalia is great not only in the oven, but is also freezer, microwave and dish washer safe! Wow, there is just no place this thing dos’nt go. Perfect for shaping and molding anything you can think of, from home made soap, candle wax, chocolates, Italian ices any thing you can think to mold you can mold in this pan! Hot or Cold! This versatile ‘piece’ of bakeware includeds 2 crazy recipes that are easy to make and tasty too, great for even the biggest case of the munchies.

Stonerware Green Pot Leaf Pint Glass

Got cottonmouth? Get Stonerware. Whether baked or fried, our pint glasses are ideal with any meal. This 16 oz. Pint Glass features a unique green color and a white pot leaf with official Stonerware insignia. Get yours today before you….. uh…. What was i saying again? … oo yeah.. forget. Ah Stonerware Leaf Pattern Pint Glass

Stonerware Shot Glasses (3 Pack)

Bong-hit, shot, bong-hit, shot, bong-hit, shot. Three’s a charm. This shot glass set comes with three 3.2oz Stonerware Shot Glasses 3 Pack

Stonerware Pot Leaf Chess Set


The Ultimate Marijuana Chess Set. Dude, who’s move is it again?

The Ultimate Marijuana Chess Set. Dude, who?s move is it again? The centuries old game of Kings and Queens enters the ?stoner? age. Try to wrap your head around this classic game of strategy where you and your opponent do battle with only one goal in mind, to capture each others king. Keep in mind, it will take all of the braincells you have left to smoke your opponent under the table! This totally awesome set includes 32 ?smokin? pieces in the shapes of bongs, bowls, joints, pot leafs and more. Also comes with a full color board and instructions.