Cooking with Cannabutter

See our how to make cannabutter guide for the marijuana butter recipe.

Cannabutter is best suited for sweet foods such as the famous pot treat “crash brownies”. Other popular recipes include pot apple pie, and our marijuana gingerbread cookies.

It is also quite good on toast and breakfast pastries like pancakes and waffles. Experiment with it and let your taste-buds be your guide. See our marijuana recipes for more tasty cannabis treat ideas!

How to Cook with Cannabutter

You can use “weed butter” in any recipe that calls for butter although you will find in your experimenting that it does clash with some flavors. I do not recommend using cannabutter in any recipe that requires a cooking temperature of higher than 400°F as you risk destroying the THC or vaporizing it and losing it to the air. Some recipes do however call for 400 degrees and this can be okay if the cooking time is under 20 minutes or so. I advise staying at a temperature lower if you are just beginning the art of cooking with cannabutter.

Important! Take into account the Potency of your Batch!

One more thing to take notice of when cooking with marijuana butter is its potency! Determine the amount of cannabutter that is needed to achieve the desired result and multiply that by the number of servings the recipe calls for. Then, if necessary, add regular butter to the mix to meet the recipes requirement.

For savory dishes like marijuana pizza try using marijuana ghee.

For more information see The Cannabis Cookbook: Over 35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, Munchies, and More